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The Best Protective Eye Wear

January 02, 2017

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How to Find the Best Protective Eye Wear

Eye hazards can be quite common on industrial worksites, and they can include such dangers as particles, fumes and ultraviolet rays. It is very important for worker in these areas to wear the right eye protection. Not all safety glasses are made with the same level of quality, nor do they all provide the same level of protection. If you aren’t sure what to look out for in protective eye wear then finding the right one can be difficult.
We have put together a list of three important features to look for in any type of protective eye wear.


The most important part of any protective safety glasses is the lenses. The lenses should be able to resist a variety of hazard types, such as:

  • Scratches – if there are scratches on the lens, the wearer won’t be able to see very well. Scratch-resistant lenses ensure will keep the glasses from being damaged and ensure they work as they are supposed to.
  • Build-up of Moisture – Moisture is going to accumulate on the glasses in some worksites, but anti-fog features will prevent that build-up from impeding the worker’s vision.
  • Glare and UV Rays – Workers can be exposed to sunlight while outdoors and may be exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the machines they are using or environments they are reworking in. Glasses with UV protection will keep the glare to a minimum and protect the worker’s eyes.
  • Impact Damage – Glasses should also be able to survive impact and remain intact. Broken classes aren’t just unusable but also dangerous.

Frame Durability

The lenses are not the only part of the glasses that need to be durable. Frames should be able to withstand being dropped or otherwise mishandled. Industrial sites can be tough on glasses, and they out to be able to stand up in that environment. The frame should also be resistant to heat and warping.
The most durable frames are those made of polycarbonate, hard resin or trivex. These are all heat resistant and very durable, far moreso than conventional steel and plastic frames.


The glasses should also be comfortable enough to provide a pleasant experience to the wearer. Glasses should fit the wearer properly and not be too loose or bulky. The frame is supposing to sit on the bridge of the nose and the ears, and the lenses should be as close to the eyes as they can be without causing discomfort.

We work to provide exceptional protective gear for a variety of worksites. Our safety glasses are of the highest quality but are also affordably priced. Come visit us to find out more about our products and how we can help your business.