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A Flowdrill is a solid carbide drilling tool, which is capable of locally displacing material in order to form increased material thickness. This increased thickness allows for a stronger fastening connection by tapping, brazing or welding. Flowdrills are available in many sizes, suitable for diameters from 1.8 till 40 mm and for material thickness from 0.5 till 10 mm, and can be used on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and some brass alloys.

The concept for a flowdrill was first conceived in France in 1923, but the technology to realise it didn’t exist until 1980, when Flowdrill were able to apply their technical expertise to produce and commercialise the modern-day flowdrill.
Currently, Flowdrill is the market leader in friction drilling and is used by thousands of customers in more than fifty countries around the world.