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Our abrasives selection provides a complete portfolio of products that offer powerful, precise and user friendly solutions for every step of the abrasive process, enabling our customers to shape and surface-finish all types of materials even in the most complex and challenging applications.

Our product range covers everything from linishing belts, surface conditioning products, sanding discs, film backed abrasives, grinding wheels, cut off wheels, and Scotchbrite, polishing products.

We also carry files in all shapes and types, including stone mounted points, carbide burrs, ceramic abrasives, zirconia coated, flap discs , flap wheels, diamond coated, segmented abrasives, and wire wheels.

We stock a large range of 3M products, such Cubitron II, Scotchbrite and Trizact Belts, and other key manufacturers such as Flexovit, Pferd, Hermes, and SIAS.

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