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Hand Tools

Clamping handles are commonly known as toggle clamps. Clamping handles are mainly used for welding fixtures or assembly jigs. We stock a large selection of different types and styles such as vertical handle, T handle, piston type, U clamp, and bar clamps. Clamping handles come in different heights and lengths.

At Waughs Industrial Supplies we proudly support Richmond Wheel and Castors based in Melbourne.

Castor wheels – otherwise known as castors – are one such product that can certainly be classed as versatile. Castors are single, double or compound wheels that facilitate easier multidirectional steering.

However, it’s important to make the distinction between casters and wheels, as they are not technically one and the same; wheels rotate on an axle or shaft that passes through its centre, and is one part of a larger component called a caster, which is formed when the wheel is attached to the caster frame. The frame can either be rigid or swivelled in design.

As a key distributor for Richmond Wheel and Castors, we can supply you with a broad range of castors to meet almost any need. We have solid wheel, pneumatic wheel, swivel, braked, low profile, twin wheel, polyurethane coated, cast iron, heavy duty, and high performance castors.

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